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One of the most important functions a MBA prep program and graduate school consultant provides is helping candidates to stand out from the masses. This is accomplished as prospective graduate students clearly understand who they are in terms of leadership strengths and weaknesses.  Your goal is to help them present maximal strengths to their program of choice.  

Enter the Keller Influence Indicator®, the first-and-only scientifically verified, university-piloted test that provides a dynamic assessment of leadership abilities by measuring the Seven Influence Traits™.

See the Benefits of Using the KII™ in Preparing the MBA Student

Knowing a quantifiable measure of a MBA candidate’s strengths allows a prospective student’s application to shine. Knowing influence challenges provides an opportunity to address them in the MBA preparation period. By having a clear measurement of what makes a candidate stand out from other applicants with similar professional and academic profiles, chances of admission to prestigious MBA programs rise dramatically. 

How well could you advise, prepare and guide a future MBA student if you knew their potential in these seven areas; confidence, commitment, courage, passion, empowering, trustworthiness and likeability? You would be ions ahead of the insight and information needed to attain acceptance into the top MBA schools in the country. 

The KII™ a Recognized Advantage

The KII™ is a proven advantage, having been piloted at the graduate College of Business and Behavioral Science at Clemson University. Your MBA prep program can have the edge over the competition as you are able to provide your clients a clear, dynamic measurement of their ability to lead and influence others.  

The Keller Influence Indicator® will greatly aid your graduate prep services firm in client recruitment and allow you to best serve students in crafting a compelling admissions essay. 

See the Benefits of Using the KII™ in Preparing the MBA Student

Experience the value of the KII® firsthand. Take a FREE trial of the KII™(for a limited time) and learn about your own influence potential. 

When you view your detailed results of the FREE KII™ Trial, you will quickly come to realize the value of purchasing the comprehensive Keller Influence Indicator® Assessment and KII™ Report.  The full KII™ Report provides your total influence score, called the K-Factor™ along with detailed information and insight on each of the six additional key influence traits in these areas: 

  • Score meaning
  • Competitive advantage
  • Personal strengths
  • Blindspots and pitfalls
  • Improvements to make
  • Benefits of improving
  • Using each trait at work, home and in your community 

The SOCR™ Report (KII™ Summary and Organizational Competencies Report) shares a one page summary of the KII™ Report and provides additional new information that correlates the Seven Influence Traits™ with these 5 Organizational Competencies including; Leadership, Communication, Team Effectiveness, Strategy & Solutions, and Execution & Evaluation. It also provides information on how you impact others, take action, handle pressure, and respond to conflict. 

See sample KII™ Report here

See sample SOCR™ Report here

We are confident that when you see the exacting detail of the KII™ report, you’ll want to have the comprehensive KII™ as a core component of your MBA consulting services. 


In crafting the syllabus for my MBA Business Communications course, influence was an important element in the course. I was unsure as to the best way to teach/discuss the subject. Dr. Keller's Influence Assessment was a terrific instrument to make the topic of influence more relevant, clear, and important to my students. She took the time to video conference into my class to explain the assessment tool and research behind the assessment. Her knowledge and passion for the topic of influence added a very credible and important element to my class.
Gary Bernardez
Professor, Clemson School of Business, Clemson University

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