Power Influencers Series

Dr. Keller’s Power Influencers Series™ is an interview podcast designed specifically for listeners who want to hear how successful people used influence on their journey to accomplishing greatness. Each interview delves into the early stages of how they used influence and then how they maintained an influential state of being.

You can only empower others once you have empowered yourself with respect, trust, and confidence.
Keller Katalyst

The Power Influencers Series™ podcasts sidestep the predictable by taking listeners inside the mindset, fears, desires and workings of people: sports, news, politics, music and, of course, business. Dr. Keller wastes no time in learning what they did and how they climbed the ladder to achievement, both large and small.

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Dr. Keller is a trusted advisor. She provides insight and enables your “out-of-the box” thinking.
Terry Miller
Director of Technology, Fayette County School Corporation

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