KII® Workbook Series Box Set

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How do you begin affecting influential change in your life? 

Where do you start developing this level of influence?

What’s the first step in creating more influence?

The answer to all three questions is simple. You need to have a strong foundation or understanding of the Seven Influence Traits™ that you already possess. You do this by acting rom deep inside yourself and developing the Seven Influence Traits™ that successful influencers have been using for centuries. 

The KII® Workbook Series is the complete set of 7 KII® Workbooks (150+ pages each) one for each influence trait – Confidence, Commitment Courage, Passion, Empowering, Trustworthiness, and Likeability. 

Each KII® Workbook is divided into 42 lesson plans of three levels, Fundamentals, Competencies, and Mastery. The workbooks will help you identify and define each trait, understand all possibilities connected to that trait, and help you accelerate and cement that trait into your life. 


Thank you for letting me have this course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and repeatedly was challenged by its pace, depth and demands on me. It has been a great learning experience and revelation.
Gero F. Weber
Business Mentor, Dreiser-Weber GmbH - Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany