Leading with Passion KII™ Level Workbooks

Living With Passion: Level 1: Passion Fundamentals 

The Level 1: Passion Fundamentals workbook starts with challenging you to discover then connect with your purpose. It introduces emotional intelligence and rational intelligence as two approaches used to find your purpose. You will work on the four pillars of energy that are the basis for expressing passion. You will discover how to move from having an interest to acting on passion by completing an exercise that helps you identify your passions. Intention is very powerful when it comes to passion. This workbook shows you how to create an intention that you will act on. You will also learn the Passion Cycle and the four areas that complete this sequence. 

Living With Passion: Level 2: Passion Competencies 

The Level 2: Passion Competencies workbook takes you through the Work-Passion Connection and the Leisure-Passion Connection. You will become competent in leaving your comfort zone, sharing your stories, and examining your barriers to passion. The Leap of Faith and Taking-the-Leap Analysis are two exercise designed to help remove the blocks that prevent you from living in passion. You will also learn the five steps to nurturing passionate relationships. 

Living With Passion: Level 3: Passion Mastery  

The Level 3: Passion Mastery workbook empowers you to create excellence from your passion. It builds the bridge between your core values and various work-related actions. Building a life on (and with) purpose helps you engage others with optimism and positivity. You will learn how to put yourself in a passionate state instantly by following a six step process. To be a master, you need to know what you are willing to sacrifice. This workbook takes a look at the sacrifices you are willing to make and the four steps to finding “passion” balance. You will also learn how to use passion to enhance your career or job situation. 

Thank you for letting me have this course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and repeatedly was challenged by its pace, depth and demands on me. It has been a great learning experience and revelation.
Gero F. Weber
Business Mentor, Dreiser-Weber GmbH - Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany