Want to Be a Charismatic Person? You’d Better Have this Ability

If you want to be viewed as charismatic, you need to be quick on your feet according to a new psychological study just published. With practice you CAN learn to think and to respond more quickly. Doing so will raise the perception that you are much more charismatic in others’ eyes. And as we have discussed, charisma is necessary for leadership and influencing others. 

Raising Up Leaders Part Five

In order to assess whether a potential leader has the competency needed for the role for which he or she is ultimately being considered, these competencies must be clearly defined. Without these clear definitions, there is no real target or yardstick by which to measure. Some leaders do this by “gut intuition,” but they are really operating from a set of competencies that are merely unwritten. The danger in this is that no one else in the organization can help the leader assess potential leaders because others can’t typically tap into the leader’s “assessment powers.” Documenting competencies allows for clearly assessing leadership potential and helping the prime leader identify future leaders. 

Raising Up Leaders Part Four

Finding charismatic potential leaders to develop involves paying attention to how they interact with other people; the traits that make up charisma are positive and appealing to others.  

The charismatic person uses his/her skills to influence others. If you can’t relate to people, it is impossible to lead them. 

Our models of charismatic people tend to be larger than life public figures, but every person possesses the ability to improve his/her charisma. For some this improvement will come very easy because of their natural wiring. For others, charisma can be improved at a much slower and more intentional pace because of personality traits. 

Raising Up Leaders Part Three

In our series, Raising Up Leaders, we have discussed that 51%+ percent of any great leader’s job is to develop new leaders. This process of raising up leaders is VITAL to any organization’s long-term success.

Let’s dive deeper into what you should be focusing on when selecting WHICH future leaders to invest your valuable time and energy on.

First, a question to ask:
Which of these is the MOST important quality for a future leader to possess?

1) Charisma

2) Character

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