Conquering the “Mind Fields” of Self-Sabotage

When we self-sabotage our own career with negative thoughts or actions, I like to call it a "mind field".  Here are some of the varying levels of devastation and how you can overcome them. 

Your Personal Glass Ceiling: Break Through Your Self-Imposed Limits

When was the last time you swallowed what someone told you? Specifically, when "they" said you weren’t good enough or capable or too old? Did you accept it as gospel?

Sadly, people buy into the belief that what society, their education or even their experience has taught them is the end-all. They begin to agree that maybe they can’t, shouldn’t or will never.

Every morning you wake up is another chance for you to do or to be something different. It may be expressing an original idea, developing a new approach, or simply creating another perspective.

Becoming an Intuitive Decision Maker

I find people still don’t trust their gut when it comes to making good business decisions. I understand that there’s a lot riding on some of the decisions you make and sometimes saying you “just went with your gut” isn’t enough to satisfy a Board of Directors. But at some point, you really have to pull the trigger and say, “Yes, I feel that this is right.” Here's how to do it...

When Manipulation is the Ticket

So when is manipulation(influence) the ticket?  The answer to that, is just about all the time. If you want to find success in your career, you have got to be using all of the influence you have in order to impress and stand out among your peers. Do you know how to use yours?

7 Sources of Negative Self-Talk

What happens when your core beliefs are negative? Nothing good.

Negative, or self-limiting, beliefs create barriers for you on several fronts. They lead to procrastination and laziness. Negative beliefs habitually destroy your hopes and aspirations.

Your morale suffers. So does your self-confidence and self-worth. Non-supportive beliefs make you lose your focus distracting you from your intended success path.

5 Good Reasons to Exercise Your Influence Muscles

You know the saying, “Use it or lose it!” Well, today I’m talking about your influence. You’ve got to constantly be exercising your influence in all walks of life or it will atrophy, just like any other muscle. 

How To Use Workplace Conflict to Your Advantage

Conflict is a fact of life. Getting comfortable with it is the hard part. Conflict is painful and when confronted many of us slip into some form of avoidance. That’s the first mistake. It doesn’t go away – it just grows. As the saying goes, dealing with conflict when it feels like a “pinch” is so much better than waiting until it grows and feels like a “crunch.” No doubt conflict can be destructive but it can also be constructive.

Work-Life Balance: Who’s Owning Who?

Is work-life balance really a myth? Is it something for men as well as women? YES!

Every now and then, I pop over and read the fabulous musings of Cali Yost. She’s an expert blogger on the work-life subject for Fast Company and hosts her own site at the Flex+Strategy Group. I like Cali’s content. And I agree with her: work-life BALANCE is something of a myth. She prefers the phrase “work-life fit.”

8 Secrets To a Greater Bottom Line

Some people think a bottom line is only about the money. Remember the Jerry Maguire phrase, “Show me the money?” Well, the bottom line is more than just the money. Total health, satisfying relationships, raving customers, and general happiness are just a few of the “other” bottom lines that are significant in our lives.


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