Uncover What’s Driving Your Passion

Passion is perhaps the most motivational trait of the Seven Influence Traits™. Is passion necessary for life and living? No, but it is necessary for a better life and better living. In short, living a life that makes you feel deeply, passionately alive.

Top Tips on Getting (& Keeping) People's Attention (Part II)

Trustworthiness is often overlooked because everyone assumes they are considered trustworthy. Unfortunately it's not that simple! Being trustworthy is the one trait that will keep people paying attention and give you the opportunity and time to move the conversation in your favor!

Can Influence Be Measured?

Knowing your influence potential is a great asset because it gives you a heads-up or benchmark of what you’re doing right (your strengths) and what isn’t working out (your challenges). It gives you instant access to self-knowledge which is the start of being a powerful, effective, and influential person.

How Using the KII® Can Solve Your Very Next Problem

When it comes to problems, I firmly believe that the first step to solving them is to change them. Change your perspective, change the meaning, and change how you usually approach them.  Solving a problem is about eliminating friction and pain. You risk interrupting how things are done. This is how you uncover the potential of resources at your disposal.


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