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How passionate are you about TODAY?

Imagine waking up in the morning with a big grin on your face, feeling excited about the day ahead.

Then spending your day doing inspiring, meaningful things; meeting fun, interesting people. And finishing each day with a sense of accomplishment and excitement about the upcoming days.

Passion is perhaps the most motivational trait of the Seven Influence Traits™. Your passion influences the professional choices you make.

Is passion necessary for life and living? No, but it is necessary for a better life and better living. In short, living a life that makes you feel deeply, passionately alive.

Passion is compelling emotion; a strong desire or devotion to an activity, object, or concept. How does passion apply to your business, career, or work?

Most of us start our first day at a new job with excitement and passion. You’re happy to be in a new business or maybe in a new position, that challenges you and is in line with your beliefs or career goals. However, sometimes you quickly lose that passion or spark that you initially had and find yourself grinding away at a job that you can’t seem to find the excitement for any longer. 

Of course, this could mean that you aren’t at the right job for you and you should look for something else, but more often than not, you’ve lost track of what initially inspired you about this job in the first place.

Taking time to rediscover the passion you once had for your career or business can pay off in more ways than one. Here are five reasons why many people take jobs that they can be passionate about. Perhaps one or more of them falls on your list. 

Job Challenge: Let’s face it, most of us get bored pretty darn fast if we aren’t challenged by our job. So, we tend to look for a job that’s not the same day in and day out. We want something that challenges us to think outside the box and keeps our brains awake.

However, sometimes we are faced with too many challenges and that can, in all honesty, be incredibly exhausting. Take time to find a little balance in your life so that when you’re faced with these challenges, you can continually meet them with a clear head. I recommend prayer, meditation or yoga to really clear your mind before you get back in the trenches. 

Worthy Cause: Many times, we choose to go to work for a company that fights for a worthy cause. Perhaps it’s a non-profit or a company that produces a product that you think is valuable to society. When we get caught up in the day to day tasks of a job like this, it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture and focus on minutiae. Take a little time each week to refocus yourself on your part in the whole and remember why you took this job in the first place: to make a difference in the world. 

Great Co-Workers: A great team makes all the difference in the world. Working with coworkers that are fun, engaging and just as passionate as you are can make you highly motivated to succeed. However, what happens if the staff suddenly changes?

How can you keep up the dynamic that woo-ed you in the first place when the same people aren’t there any longer? This can be tricky and some of it might never be the same, quite frankly, but if you focus on keeping the team productive and energetic, you will be able to keep a highly inspiring team dynamic. 

Exciting Work Environment: Maybe it’s the fast-paced workplace or the foosball table in the break room, but you went to work for a company because of the culture that it worked hard to cultivate within its walls. Now, a foosball table is probably not going to keep you at a company long term, but it is important to remember, when you feel bogged down and stressed out, that you knew this would be a ‘work hard-play hard’ situation and realize that the company offers outlets for you to “recover” from your workload and take advantage of those opportunities. 

Opportunity for Growth: Perhaps you took a job because of the opportunities that you would have to learn and grow in a company, but now you feel stuck in one place and you think you haven’t learned anything since you got there. This probably isn’t the case.

Write down all of the things you’ve learned since you started your job there and my guess is you’ll be surprised at the amount of growth you’ve had. Perhaps it wasn’t exactly what you planned, but it’s there. Use all of that education to push for more advancement within the company and watch how quickly that education turns into promotion. 

Passion is essential to being productive, prosperous and happy! Spread the word!



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