Power at work, power in relationships, power in your words, and power in play – it’s everywhere!


Because it’s what makes things happen.

People make assumptions about power. They typically think of it as controlling another person, manipulating a situation, or threatening a way of thinking.

Not always.

Like a nuclear reactor, a volcano or love – all great power begins from within. The issue is what it gets used for.

Yes, power can be misused. Adolf Hitler, Jim Jones and Cleopatra come to mind. But power can equally be used for positive outcomes.

Women are rising up: taking responsibility for their actions, raising their standards, and refusing to compromise. They are using their power to get noticed, command respect and lead.

They are stepping into political status, claiming access to new resources and leading economic growth. Smart women are making it to the top through their aspirations, passion and ability to make tough decisions.

Real power is personal power. It’s the energy you possess that shows you the way to greater ideas, better relationships and larger dreams.

Real power begins with these 3 R's: Response, Recharge, And Resource.


Response is how you start accessing your power. When presented with any situation, you have two choices on how you respond. You can respond in a way that supports you or in a way that damages you.

Your boss makes a request. You can accept it or deny it. The choice is yours. But know that there will be consequences and rewards to what you choose. Play out both scenarios. Which one makes you powerful? What choice gives you the advantage? Which choice makes you out shine the others?

Your responses to any and every situation are critical. They determine what emotions you experience, how people view you, and if you’re taken seriously or not.

How you respond to your "gut" is a strong indication of how secure you feel. Think of the times you ignored your gut. What happened? Nothing good – at least in the long run.

Next, you need to recharge. This means stepping back, taking a deep breath and evaluating your results. Is what you’re getting what you want? Are you benefiting from how you are using your power? Is your power building bridges to where you want to go? How might it be stifling your progress?

Recharging is about experiencing your core. Get back to your values. Rediscover who you are, what changes you’ve experienced, and how you may be different. What are your new learnings? How will you use them? What should you be expecting?

Next, know your resources. Make a list of the top ten resources you use daily. It could be your health, your memory, or your laptop. But what about your ability to hear what’s not being said, or how well your mind processes information? List the top ten resources your want to have. Then develop them. You already have them, but you aren’t engaging them on a level to make you powerful.

Find the resources you need to attract power. What resources do you see in others that you can tap into? What power sources are you ignoring or oblivious to?

Secure the necessary resources to break through the "glass walls" or what's keeping you closed in: your job, your relationships, your business ventures.

In this highly competitive world you need to respond, recharge, and resource. Whether it’s your time, your money, your energy or your efforts, practicing the 3 R’s will give you the confidence, commitment and courage to tackle anything that comes your way. Real power is marked by a strong commitment to self-reliance, focus and fearlessness.

Real power is personal power. Use yours now!

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Lloyd Moore
Global Director Supplier Quality & Development - Lear Corporation – South Carolina