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How do certain people influence everyone?
How many times have you been walking down the hall at work, only to notice your boss giving orders to an eager and willing group of employees? Ok, so maybe he or she isn’t barking orders like a drill sergeant, maybe they are requesting that certain tasks be done by certain people. The point is, people react right away and get them done.

Of course, most of them are reacting because that person is their boss too and if they don’t get their work done, they risk being fired, but did you ever stop and consider how your boss achieved their current role? Chances are it had a lot to do with the influence they have over people; both their employees AND their bosses. So how do these people influence everyone around them in order to get the success they want?

It probably has something to do with these three behaviors:

Motivate to achieve results. A good leader knows how to motivate the employees that they oversee. They pick up on flaws and strengths and play on both to create a team that yields results. When a successful leader motivates their employees, they earn influence over them and the team trusts the decisions that they make.

Work hard to earn respect. Just because you have a team of employees working under you does not mean that you get to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. In order to earn respect and influence with both your employees, your peers and your superiors, you must be a hard, diligent worker. Influence comes with respect.

Communicate effectively to influence decisions. Communication is critical when it comes to influencing those around you. If you cannot effectively convince those around you that your ideas and proposals are valid and sold, you won’t be able to get very far. Make sure that what you communicate is what you intend to say.  

Are these the only behaviors necessary to achieve success at work? Of course not! However, if you start with the basics and master these three behavios,  you are certain to find yourself on a much stronger path towards the success you've been dreaming of!




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