How to let go of the past,
Six simple steps too stop sticking to your past

Things happen in your past when it comes to relationships.

Whether they’re professional, personal or romantic, many times, when you end up in a bad relationship; a co-dependent partner, sneaky co-worker, or a beyond-controlling manager, it can be hard to let go even after that relationship ends.

But it’s important not to cling to the past.

Sticking to your past weighs you down affecting your decisions. Let’s look at six uncomplicated steps that you can take to move past a bad relationship and get into better ones. 

Step one: Recognize the reluctance. Before you can really overcome past negativity, you have to learn to recognize any hesitation to move forward with something new due to experiences in the past. If you’re feeling apprehensive about something, decide if it’s because your intuition says it’s not right or because you’re scared of repeating the past. 

Step two: Acknowledge the pain. If you’ve decided that the reluctance is due to some past pains, it’s important to acknowledge it. If you try and shrug it off, it will always haunt you. Looking at your fears straight on makes them less scary. 

Step three: Begin the unsticking process. No one overcomes holding on to their past overnight. It’s a process, so have a little patience with yourself. Address your fears one by one until you’ve peeled yourself off of your past. Keep a journal of which fears take more time and which ones you have successfully moved past.

Step four: Give your past a Teflon coating. If you don’t want to get stuck on the past again, you’ve got to make sure it remains nonstick. This means you’ve got to be honest with yourself and others making sure you’ve fully let go of the past. Then you build your Teflon muscles – learn what you can do so hurts, pains, or fears won’t stick to you in the future.

Step five: Stop looking back. Now that you can’t get hung up on your past anymore, you’ve got to stop looking back at it. It’s true that you learn from your mistakes, but if you’re always looking back, chances are, you’ll stumble quite a bit trying to move forward. 

Step six: Start looking forward. Turn your head and mind to the future and start thinking about what could be instead of what was. You’ll find a lot more positivity and potential when you plan for the future instead of ruminating on the past. 




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