Great Videos for Executives: Say Hello to TED

Whether you’re prepping for a major meeting or just need a break in your day, you can stop by the TED site and view one of thousands of TED talks designed to provoke, inspire, amuse and change the way you think about the world. 

Pay It Forward or Payback? Influence And The Principle of Reciprocity

The principle of reciprocity is a powerful way to influence. It’s one of the six psychological principles of persuasion. It’s a means of give and take. Sort of a "you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours" thinking. But there’s another expression you’re probably familiar with … "You get what you pay for!" It’s all about how you give, and the quality of your intention.

Transition: Is It Your Middle Name?

All stages of life are transitory, whether we're growing into womanhood, getting married, having children, retiring or dealing with an empty nest. Similarly, we also go through different stages in our careers. At one point, we may be at the bottom of the corporate ladder, at another time, we're in varying levels of leadership and positions of influence.

The Power of Self-Discipline: Do You Have It?

Self-discipline is the skill to get yourself to take action in spite of your emotional condition. It’s about willpower, persistence and hard work. The pivotal point of self-discipline is when you make a conscious decision, it is virtually guaranteed that you will follow through with it. The self-disciplined person loses 20 pounds. The self-disciplined person runs the marathon. The self-disciplined person creates wealth. The self-disciplined person finds real love.

How To Seal the Deal

You’re walking into the boardroom. All eyes are on you. You take a seat. Take a deep breath and WHAM – now you’re on. What’s next?

Every day leaders are made, deals get sealed, and negotiations fall through.. So what separates the ‘made’ deals from the ‘broken’ deals? Following these simple yet forgotten ‘seal the deal’ rules:

What is Assertiveness Training?

Do you understand the difference in being aggressive versus assertive?

Are YOU Influencing Your First Impressions?

As women in business and women leaders at work, we are always beginning new relationships, either with clients, staff, vendors or customers. Yet sometimes we can forget the importance first impressions make. Obviously as professionals, we strive to do our best, but there are times when, for whatever reason, we fall short, and unfortunately, this can put a negative mark on our track record from the get-go.

Dealing with Control Freaks: How To Tell The Difference Between Manipulation and Control

Manipulation, Influence, Persuasion. Control. They are all words used to describe how one can ‘navigate’ a situation, person, or event to their advantage. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily if you know the difference between the traits and how they are being used.

So how exactly are the control freak and the manipulator related?

What Never To Take to a Business Conference

Every person has attended one too many business conferences in his or her lifetime. You listen to savvy, smart people telling you everything they think you should do, be or feel. Most of which you already know. But you go anyway. Take a close look at what is happening when you go. What will serve you? Who are you in these awkward exchanges? Besides your too-tight suit, hard-core makeup and brand new shoes, what are some important pieces you definitely should leave at home, or better yet, get completely rid of

Women and Business: Influencing the Executive "Troublemaker" at Work – Part II

Troublemakers at the executive level are the most difficult to deal with – because they have power. Nothing worse than a jerk with authority. They don't respond to the disapproving look or your hints of objection. Most are poor communicators and lack effective leadership skills. No, they believe they are beyond correction or reprimand.


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