How to Recognize the Influential Person

Do you ever wonder whose life you’re influencing? Look around you. Who do you see? What’s going on in your environment?

Where are you having impact? Do you have the upper hand - carefully measuring and selecting what goes on in your world?

The person who takes charge of his or her environment, diminishes the unexpected outside influence and embraces the effort, energy and time it takes to make it all happen – is a person you need to pay attention to.

Persuasion Comfort via Karen AND Dale Carnegie

It’s important to be aware of your comfort or discomfort with persuasion. Find out how fear plays a role in your influencing or persuasive behavior. Here’s a quick self-exam. Just as we do an external exam it is equally important to do an internal exam. Read these statements. Be as honest as you can (nobody will see your answers – only you!) Please answer Yes or No to the following: 1. I second guess myself more than 2 times every day. 2. When ordering a meal at a café I hesitate because of what others will say.

How To Stop Being The Rescuer

Women are rescuers. Often at their own expense. They rescue people at work, in their companies, even distant relatives. It happens consciously and subconsciously. We don’t even recognize our codependent behavior until it's too late.

Women assume, sometimes against their better judgment, responsibility for making sure everyone is happy or at least satisfied. For some reason, we believe it's our job to make sure all is right with the world.

Confused? Not sure if this is you?

Here are a few regular statements from a bona fide rescuer:

How To Be In The Right Place At The Right Time

Do you always do the right thing at the wrong time? Maybe you’re in the right place but the wrong time.

Timing is a trait everyone wishes they had.

Can the art of perfect timing be learned?

Is it simply a matter of thinking or listening to that feeling in your gut? It’s both.

The decision making part of your brain is constantly observing, storing, and arranging all the information it comes in contact with. It calculates what, when, and how we use that information.

Do You Practice These 3 R’s of Power?

Power at work, power in relationships, power in your words, and power in play – it’s everywhere!


Because it’s what makes things happen.

People make assumptions about power. They typically think of it as controlling another person, manipulating a situation, or threatening a way of thinking.

Not always.

Like a nuclear reactor, a volcano or love – all great power begins from within. The issue is what it gets used for.

How To Bridge The Gap Between Your Present Business And Your Ideal Company

Most people believe the company they presently have is the company they ideally want. Experiencing any success can be a smoke screen to what is really waiting for you. Too many people tend to accept what they are given rather than chase after what they want. They accept permission, generosity and handouts with a smile and nod of appreciation. But there is a difference of what you now have been conditioned to believe is success and what you want to define as success for you.

Manipulate without Being Manipulative

We’ve all been in situations that we’ve had to control before they got out of hand when it comes to our job. Whether it was public relations related or an internal matter, learning to be the women in control of the situation without having to resort to manipulation is critical. Here are some tips for manipulating the situation without being manipulative.

Top 5 Habits Holding You Back … From Everything

The best learned lessons come not from your success, but from your failures. Actually, the biggest failure is not learning from your mistakes.

Mistakes come and go. But certain mistakes remain constant simply because you are circulating the same habits that perpetuate the same mistakes. Then you wonder, “What went wrong” or “Why does this always happen to me?”


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