5 Steps to Confront a Situation

Every person faces confrontation. Some face it better than others.

You know what it feels like when a person gets in your face, yelling about what you did wrong. Then this person proceeds to tell you what to do next in order to correct things.

It’s awful. Unexpected. Embarrassing.

But there’s the flip side. What do you do when you’re the one needing to confront a situation? A person? A behavior?

To begin with, most people walk away from confrontation. Maybe its part of their makeup, their upbringing or the result of a confrontation gone wrong.

Work-Life Balance: Who’s Owning Who?

Is work-life balance really a myth? Is it something for men as well as women? YES!

Every now and then, I pop over and read the fabulous musings of Cali Yost. She’s an expert blogger on the work-life subject for Fast Company and hosts her own site at the Flex+Strategy Group. I like Cali’s content. And I agree with her: work-life BALANCE is something of a myth. She prefers the phrase “work-life fit.”

5 Ways Entrepreneurs Show Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions you can have. Every person in business is thankful for something or someone; investors, supporters, parents, spouses, customers, being in the right place at the right time, on-time delivery, increased on-line presence, high performing team. The list goes on. But how and how often do you show your gratitude? Say a simple thank you? Give an appreciative smile?


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