Four Ways to Lead Through Failure

What are we to do as leaders in the midst of failure? Here are four ways to lead through failure.

A good leader keeps her or his head up during tough times. The leader is called to stand on a parapet and look out towards the horizon, discovering possibilities. Shoegazing at the problem at hand will not inspire confidence, lead the troops, or promote outside-the-box thinking needed to find solutions. When, as a leader, you take this higher view, you can maintain enthusiasm without becoming a false, rah-rah cheerleader.​

The 8 Rules for Catching the Attention of Your Next Client

Attracting clients has come a long way since the days of seeing the customer as not having any knowledge of what they want or knowing what’s best for them; or being a vendor who has all the answers and doesn’t consult with the customer. Companies no longer can say, “To do business with us, this is what we offer and here’s how you fit in.”

Top Tips on Getting (& Keeping) People's Attention (Part II)

Trustworthiness is often overlooked because everyone assumes they are considered trustworthy. Unfortunately it's not that simple! Being trustworthy is the one trait that will keep people paying attention and give you the opportunity and time to move the conversation in your favor!


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