Guaranteed Influence: It’s All in the Words You Use

Have you ever stopped to think about the words you are using to communicate and how they affect the outcome of what you’re trying to say? Here are a few examples of what to say and what not to say when trying to persuade 

How to Make People Listen

When you’re trying to get your point across, but no one is listening, it can be the most frustrating experience in the world. Here are my top ten tips for making people listen to you without actually having to yell.

How to Set the Stage for Influence Success

Shakespeare said it best: “All the world’s a stage and the men and women are merely players.” This is very true, I believe, but there’s no saying that you can’t have a lead role in your company’s “production.” So what’s the key to playing the star at your company?

Connecting With The Influential Person: Good For Business

Smart business requires you to connect and network. You have the choice to align with people who can help you and people who won’t do much for you.

Surprisingly, many people in business spend way too much time with people who don’t or won’t help them. Then they wonder why things aren’t moving forward for them. They underestimate the significance and value of being around or doing business with influential people.

When Manipulation is the Ticket

So when is manipulation(influence) the ticket?  The answer to that, is just about all the time. If you want to find success in your career, you have got to be using all of the influence you have in order to impress and stand out among your peers. Do you know how to use yours?

7 Sources of Negative Self-Talk

What happens when your core beliefs are negative? Nothing good.

Negative, or self-limiting, beliefs create barriers for you on several fronts. They lead to procrastination and laziness. Negative beliefs habitually destroy your hopes and aspirations.

Your morale suffers. So does your self-confidence and self-worth. Non-supportive beliefs make you lose your focus distracting you from your intended success path.

5 Good Reasons to Exercise Your Influence Muscles

You know the saying, “Use it or lose it!” Well, today I’m talking about your influence. You’ve got to constantly be exercising your influence in all walks of life or it will atrophy, just like any other muscle. 

Apply the KISS Principle To Your Next Project

It’s commonly known that the acronym KISS stands for “Keep it simple, stupid.” Well, I’ve gone ahead and modified it to be a little more effective by saying, “Keep it smart, stupid.” The KISS principle, while it shouldn’t be used every time in every situation, definitely has its place in the world of business.

Where can you use the KISS (Keep it smart) method in your company?


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