How to Ask For What You Want and Get It

Asking for what you want is the necessary first step in getting what you want. That’s the way it works! If you don’t ask you don’t get – simple. Simple. Really? If it was so simple then why are less than 15% of C-level positions in corporate American occupied by women although they comprise 47% of the U.S. labor force? And women only own 1% of the world’s wealth. Are you not asking for or wanting higher level positions? Are you resisting leadership, decision-making and authority roles? Do you shy away from being in situations of power, wealth and influence?

The Top 5 Characteristics Of Being The Leader People Follow

Being the boss can be difficult at times. Making the tough decisions, giving people a second chance, being held accountable, taking responsibility, and being unpopular all go along with the territory. But what does it take to be the female leader in charge?

You may ask yourself daily if people will ever give you the benefit of the doubt, trust your instincts and let you lead. If so, then here are 5 characteristics that will help engage and connect with people you need to lead.

Being an Influencer takes Courage

We all have a fear we would like to conquer, don’t we? It might be something like a fear of spiders or maybe it’s a fear of tight spaces. Whatever it may be, many of us take the time to work on these fears so that we can overcome it and feel more powerful and in control than we did before. It’s that kind of bravery and courage and willingness to look our fear right in the eyes and overcome it that we need to have in order to become an influencer in our company and career.

Change: Your Sanity Is In Danger If You Refuse To Do This One Thing

People have choices on how they approach change. Often they pretend it isn’t happening particularly when the change is unknown. What are the faces of change? Instability, lack of control, discomfort, loss of rights, inconvenience and, yes, that age-old monster, fear, just to name a few. Change is the inevitable. Change is the one thing that remains constant but human beings continually try to avoid it, control it, and force it.

5 Tips For Surviving A Missed Opportunity

Opportunities are like buses, there’s one coming by every 10 minutes. The problem is you can’t get on every bus and there is no magical formula for knowing which bus is the right one. So, you make the best guess, step out and grab on – only to realize that a different bus would have gotten you there quicker and better. The same goes for opportunities. Not all opportunities pan out to be what’s best for you.

How To Respond During A Recession

It’s easy being optimistic or maintaining a positive attitude when everything is going well. The real test is keeping a positive attitude when things turn to you-know-what.

The world today is experiencing several changes, most of which are scary. The outcomes are unknown making people feel unsure about what’s next. And these outcomes are basically out of your control.

So, what can you control? Your attitude, your perspective on what is happening, and your thoughts about what you can and will do.

The Top 5 Things You Need For Successful Negotiation

Women are learning the value of successful negotiation. However, men initiate negotiation four times more than women. Because of poor or nonexistent negotiation skills women leave approximately $2000 on the table when buying a car. Women are more pessimistic about the rewards of negotiation than men. These and similar statistics are reflective of a woman not knowing her worth and having low expectations of her capabilities. Men have learned to be confident in their negotiation skills, but there could be a thing or two left to learn.

The Corporate Ladder: Documenting the Journey

When it comes to climbing the corporate ladder, you not only need to be on top of your game but you also need to watch your back. As we all know, there are sour grapes in every bunch of people we work with. Some of these backstabbers try either overtly or covertly to sabotage you, especially if they see you constantly succeeding. And not all of them are your peers. They can be your bosses, too!

How Fit is Your Business?

Just like exercise is good for your body, so it is for your business. There are daily demands every business owner faces, and without a strong, solid foundation and good reserves on hand for those inevitable emergencies, you can find both you and your bottom line sidelined at the most inopportune times.


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